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What is asbestos-related lung cancer?

Asbestos is one of the best known and widely proliferated carcinogens in existence. Exposure to this substance causes a plethora of health problems, including lung cancer. Although mesothelioma is far more common, lung cancer still poses a major threat. Unfortunately, asbestos-related lung cancer only appears after many years, often without symptoms, and it is not uncommon to suffer multiple asbestos-related afflictions such as mesothelioma and lung cancer simultaneously. People with lung cancer are encouraged not to smoke, for they risk exacerbating their already-perilous condition.

There are two common types of lung cancer. The first is the less common “Small Cell Cancer,” which makes up only 20% of reported cases. Small Cell Cancer begins as a tiny malignancy in the large breathing tubes in the lungs. Upon initial genesis, the growth becomes quite large, mutates rapidly, and eventually overwhelms the breathing process. The second, much more common lung cancer (70%) is called “Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer,” of which there are five types. These cancers are similar to the smaller lung cancers, but exhibit different growth rates and affect different areas of the lung. The remaining 10% account for a variety of cancers caused mostly by viruses or genetic disorders.

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